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Caleb Place is a space in our home that provides temporary housing and partial board for individuals or small families that find themselves in a financial crisis or in need of a quiet place to rebuild their personal life and strengthen their walk with God. 

Caleb Place

where you discover who you be.

Caleb Place consists of two suites in our basement, each with its own living room, bedroom, and bathroom.  When these suites are filled and emergent situations arise, we also have a guest bedroom on the main floor that could house a couple or single person for a short-term, temporary time until they are able to find somewhere to go. 

Our residents generally come to us through our association with different churches and pastors in the area.  We also have many friends who know about Caleb Place and will often ask about availability.  Residence is granted once an individual or family has completed an entrance interview, completed and signed the “Caleb Place Lease Agreement," and has agreed upon the financial contribution to 2 of 12 Ministries. 


Monthly rent is based upon individual situations and needs.  The standard monthly rent is $800. In circumstances where a resident is unemployed, some grace is extended for the first few months, allowing time for the resident to get out of unemployment. 

In addition to their individual suites, each suite has its own refrigerator and pantry space for use.  The kitchen and laundry spaces are shared with the household. Each resident is responsible for their own breakfast, lunch, snacks, and some dinners. Bob and Doris provide three evening meals per week for all residents to be enjoyed with the household.  This allows us to fellowship with them and speak into their lives in positive ways. 

Caleb Place is a Christ-centered ministry that works to help those in need. We as owners and those who pass through our doors are required to adhere to a lifestyle that is consistent with the doctrines and statement of beliefs of this ministry as taught in the Holy Scriptures.  Keeping that in mind, Caleb Place has the right to refuse help to any individuals or families that do not wish to submit their lifestyle to this Scriptural mode of conduct during their stay.   

For more information regarding availability please contact us. 

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