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Counseling Sessions

Available at various times throughout the week by appointment.

Standard counseling sessions run for 50 minutes in duration.  A double session (100 minutes) may be required in some situations.

Counselee should expect that more than one session will probably be required, as the first session can be consumed with discovery for both the counselor and counselee.  

Location: To keep costs down for the counselee, we generally  hold sessions in a conveniently located public space (library conference room, coffee shop, etc.).  This is true especially for initial visits.  We also hold counseling sessions in the office in our home for those that would be more comfortable with that.

Issue-Focused Ministry

Available at various times throughout the week by appointment.

Ministry Sessions take 3 to 4 hours on average.

Location:  Issue-Focused Ministry sessions are generally held in the office in our home.


Counseling Fees are $65.00 per 50 minute session.

Issue-Focused Ministry Sessions are $185.00 per 3 hour session.

Counselee may be required to pay for additional costs for special books or testing.  These will be kept to a minimum.


Insurance: our counseling services are NOT covered by insurance.


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