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Intensive Heart Healing - An Integrated Approach

Do you struggle with:

Addiction - Doubt & Unbelief - Pride - Low Self-esteem - Legalism - Relationships 

Many of us are trapped and wounded, and believe we are helpless and hopeless.  

Those beliefs of helplessness and hopelessness are lies from the pit of hell.

By the grace of God, He has delivered us and made a way to get un-STUCK.  This part of our ministry, through direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit addresses 6 areas of our lives:

  • Breaking generational sins and curses

  • Severing ungodly soul-ties

  • Replacing false expectations and renouncing negative inner vows

  • Receiving divine revelation and vision in place of traumatic pictures stored in our minds

  • Deliverance from evil influences

  • Experiencing the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus

Addressing all 6 of these areas in one session provides a deep and more sustaining healing and deliverance.

A single heart wound healing session will be scheduled for 3 hours.

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